Plumwood Mountain is the subject of a comprehensive Voluntary Conservation Agreement (VCA), drawn up by Val in 2002. The purpose of the VCA is to ensure its ongoing protection as a wildlife corridor, promote forest biodiversity and native habitat and to encourage environmental values.

The Plumwood Mountain trust was established by a group of Val’s friends and colleagues to manage Plumwood Mountain according to this conservation agreement.

Plumwood Mountain journal

Plumwood Mountain is an online journal of ecopoetry and ecopoetics published in Australia with the aim to promote a cultural reshaping toward what Val Plumwood called an ‘environmental culture’.

The journal publishes poetry that may broadly be understood as engaging with a more-than-human context, in a variety of poetic forms, articles on the poetics and intent of ecopoetry, exploring ways in which poetry not only responds to and affects its world, but also ways in which poetic practice can model ecological systems and concerns, the ways in which poems themselves are material, breathy things in a world of animate matter, and reviews of collections of poetry that understand themselves or could be understood as ecopoetry.

Plumwood Mountain appears twice a year in February and August, beginning in February 2014. Interested readers and writers can access the journal here.

Bush Retreats for Ecological Writers (BREW)
Plumwood Mountain is a member of the Bush Retreats for Ecological Writers (BREW) network, a network of properties open to residencies from writers, poets, artists looking to undertake ecological writing, research or art projects.

Plumwood Mountain ForestThe BREW network is the creation of the environmental philosopher Professor Freya Matthews, who had a long-term connection with Val.

More information about the BREW network can be found here.


Two Fires Festival

The Two Fires Festival aims to reflect and continue the poet Judith Wright’s two passions: arts and activism, particularly environmental and Indigenous activism. This is a event that Val Plumwood supported and participated in when she was living at Plumwood Mountain and that the Plumwood Mountain trust continues to support as an important community event.

More information about the Two Fires Festival can be found here.